Wedding Catering

When speaking to your caterers there is a few things to keep in mind - Is there a specific cuisine that you specialise in?

Is there a specific cuisine that you specialise in?
As obvious as this might sound, if you and your beloved are lovers of Italian food, there is little point in meeting someone whose speciality is French cuisine!
Is there a choice of tableware ?
If your caterer does provide these items, make sure you see photos of the available options to check that they work well with your wedding theme and colours.
What does your price include? Do you provide a set menu or can I customise my own?
We recommend you get this part down in writing, so there are no surprises on the day. Is it a set menu, is there a childrens menu, do you cater for special requirements, vegetarian, allergies etc.
Who will be there on the day to coordinate?
The person who will coordinate your catering needs to be reliable and organised. Your wedding caterer is a huge part of your day. So if the person that you are speaking with isn’t who will be present on the day, make sure you get an introduction ahead of time.
11) Will you charge a cake-cutting fee?
A cake-cutting fee is charged by either the caterer or venue for serving a cake made by someone not affiliated with them. If this is the case, you will want to know about this ahead of time, to avoid any last-minute surprises.
14) Can I book tastings?
Before committing to a menu you may want to ensure it caters to your needs and taste, make sure you know it’s what you want, after all you will be paying for it!
15) Is there a fee if the event runs late?
If your wedding overruns, normally the waiters will be paid double charge for any extra hour that they stay.
17) When should I give you the final guest numbers?
The majority of caterers will need to know the total number of guests by a certain date so that they can order the right amount of food. If this changes at all after this date, you may be charged!
18) Do you provide alcohol? Can you accommodate specialist cocktails? What brand do you use?
If you have any must-haves, like your favourite champagne for toasts, or cocktail you want, make sure it is included, or that you can supply a bottle of your choice!
21) Is the champagne toast included in the overall price?
Many caterers and/or venues will be happy to accommodate a free glass of champagne for the toasts, so make sure to ask!


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